The best trip I have ever had. Bali.

Time flies, but you are the pilot ©.

(The inscription from the KLM airlines napkin).

I would like to tell you about my trip to Bali. It’s an island that is a part of Indonesia and is between two oceans Indian and Pacific. We had a flight with two stops. Firstly at Amsterdam, then a technical stop at Singapore. Our flight lasted about a day. The service on board of KLM airlines (it’s a Dutch company) was excellent. Every passenger (even economy class) had entertainment (music, games, and films in different languages). The stewardess offered us a meal practically every three hours. Drinks were also included and you could choose alcohol (beer, wine, whisky). Well, it’s enough about the flight…

Finally we found ourselves in Denpasar. It’s the only one airport on the island. Our local drivers met us and we had a short 20 – minute trip to Kuta. It’s a modern city (especially for tourists) with restaurants, bars, shops and of course, Mc. Donald’s on Central Avenue. Our Russian organizers met us in our guest house with fresh juice and a plenty of fruits. After long trip, we enjoyed swimming in a rather big swimming pool. Our rooms were pretty good. I would like to note that all of our rooms (we changed practically every day) had hot water and there were no insects or animals. I was ready for worse conditions, but for nothing. Our next day, we tried rafting with a complication of level 2. Our Indonesian guide managed to drive the raft and we just were admiring the jungle and fountains and most of the time rested our oars. On a 4-meter rapid we just got down to the bottom of our raft and had great fun. The water wasn’t cold, just refreshing our bodies. After finishing our trip we tried local food that mostly includes rice with spices, vegetables, chicken and other ingredients. I would also like to admit that fresh juice in Bali is wonderful! And is cheaper than beer. Men prefer banana juice and women prefer watermelon. Also coconut is great!

Every day we had plenty of different activities that started early in the morning and lasted the whole day. I really enjoyed this kind of holiday not to be like a lazy seal on the beach in one hotel but to try many things, having different emotions and discovering nature! Sometimes it was hard to remember in the evening how we started our day. Really cool! We saw wild dolphins, a whale, swam with turtles and touched them, discovered a sunken ship and beautiful reefs. Above all, we swam in big fountains, saw cruel cockfighting, went for ride on elephants, fed monkeys which sometimes are rather aggressive, were admiring sunrises from the top of the active volcano and sunsets. I also celebrated my birthday during my holiday in Bali. We started at 3 a.m. early in the morning by climbing the volcano to reach the top and meet sunrise and take beautiful pictures. And then we went to another city Amed, did snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean.

We also visited Gili islands that differ from each other. One island is wild, similar to a village and is better for pensioners and another (Travangan) has music life bars all night and of course is better for young people, also you can try magic mushrooms there (it’s not prohibited).

About Indonesian people: I noticed that they are very friendly, kind, smiling and beam love and happiness.

A little bit sluggish but the reason is hotness I think. They are glad when you take a photo with them and are ready to speak English with you. Of course, they know some Russian words. Musicians on the beach restaurant performed us the song of Russian artist Eva Polno. It was funny when they sang in Russian language without a big accent. Really cool because I like Eva’s song very much.

It’s needless to say that my trip was amazing! I recommend everyone to visit Bali and maybe to stay there for their whole life. Who knows!

Буддика Диссанаяке
15 апреля 2014, в 15:56

Great experience .))

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